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The Hollow Shrine
The Hollow Shrine
Classification The Hollow Shrine
Kanji 中空神社
Romaji Chūkū jinja
Story Details
Author Joshua Reaper
Artwork Harry Faint
Chapters TBA
Genre Psychological, Mystery, Thriller, Seinen
Language English
Original Run August 2013- current
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The Hollow Shrine is a physiological mystery written by XGlass Reflection. It entails the story of how Hana and her older brother Shirou get caught up in a murder mystery once they move to Germany with their family.


The story is set 4 years after the Berlin Wall fell, after deciding it was time to leave behind their depressing life in Japan, 13 year old Hana Asakura moves to Germany along with her 17 year old brother Shirou. Thinking her life could only get better, Hana somehow gets involved in a murder mystery, seeking help, her brother goes missing and becomes the main suspect.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Hana Asakura- Hana is the main character of The Hollow Shrine she comes of as a rather shy girl who just blends in with the regular crowed, however, its been proven that she is quite deductive as she was able to narrow down the murderer to 4 main people. She lived a violent past whilst she lived in Japan as she was beaten by her alcoholic father whilst her older brother was earning money to keep a roof over their heads.
  • Shirou Asakura- The older brother of Hana, despite being the age of 17, Shirou has shown great parenthood as he took care of his sister Hana whilst they were in Japan, his intelligence plays a major factor in this as he was able to earn 100, 000 yen a week in order to keep a roof over their heads. He earned a lot more in Germany and eventually disappeared leaving all the money he earned behind for Hana.