The Tarot Organization is an underground organization who works as a task force below their leader, or the Oracle, to destroy the monsters who feed off of negative energy and desire to destroy the humans those they feed off are envious of. The members of this organization are granted with the magical powers of whatever their Tarot represents. These members are known as being some of the most powerful unknown people in the world. These people are also blessed with the abilities of bringing about what their tarot card would, being blessings upon whoever they are around.


Number Name Wielder Image
Characteristic Abilities
0 The Fool Miriam Church Miriam
  • Freedom,
  • Innocence,
  • Curiosity.

The Fool relies on the power of knowing basic details of an enemy, and relies on the power of a name. The Fool's ability is to nullify damage done by their enemy, and have the power to destroy them once it is known the reason who their source was. The current Fool is known as Miriam Church, whom is known for using her impenetrable cloak to defend all attacks from an enemy to gain information of the enemy.

I The Magician Navy De Valentine Navy
  • Source of creativity,
  • Technician outstanding,
  • Idea gushing.

The Magician utilizes magical circles as a means of summoning forth magical forces to attack an enemy, and it's strength varies on how long it takes for the writing of the magical circles, and the longer it takes and the longer before use is the more powerful a magical circle is. This is the main reason that Navy doesn't leave his domain very often.

II The High Priestess Ivy White Ivy
  • Modesty,
  • Intelligence,
  • Intellectual Judgment.

The High Priestess is one of the most powerful members of the Tarot, because of their magical strength, but they have a fatal flaw, which is that each time they use their magic, they have to be guaranteeing that the use is proper, and that it is being used for the bettering of humanity, and their power originates through the summoning of holy energy, granting them one of the most powerful spells known as being able to "Smite", and destroy on sight.

III The Empress Rei Sanbara Rei
  • Prosperity of mind,
  • Gentle mother,
  • Restful home.

Although The Empress is destined to bring prosperity and fertility, her ability is to use acid as a medium and destroy anything she desires with these acids, burning things to nothing. This although makes her very dangerous, and paired with her temper, Rei is often left on her own, so no one will end up dead accidentally. She is often kept away from humans for this reason.

IV The Emperor Sei Bleu-Champs. 160px
  • Governance power, a clear vision
  • Reliable man
  • Strong ability to get things done

The Emperor is the only person who can quell the powers of the Empress, and so he is often seen with Rei to guarantee she wouldn't destroy anything. His power otherwise is to be able to dominate anything in his will, and submit it under his command, immediately being able to redirect spells back at the opponent and also command their movements for a short period of time, although it is only in relation to a single specified area at a time.