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Josh ON
Josh (ジョシュ, Joshu) is a 19 year old humonculus residing on the planet Earth. He was found in Germany and has been sold all around the world ever since, along with his younger sister Debby.


Josh is a serial killer who leaves no traces of himself or his involvement behind in each killing. Josh Reaper is not even his real name nor does he claim to know his true name or who he really is. He is implicit in killing most of his foster parents and in orchestrating at least two (later it becomes three) mass killings in which the idea of it all being a conspiracy coming from one person is just plain difficult for many people, including authorities, to believe. ( more)

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Featured Fanon 1
The Hollow Shrine
TBA The Hollow Shrine is a physiological mystery written by XGlass Reflection. It entails the story of how Hana and her older brother Shirou get caught up in a murder mystery once they move to Germany with their family.

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Another - Umbrella Death Scene

Another - Umbrella Death Scene


Another, umbrella death scene. Spoilers!
SAO FM ON Snk Top 10 FM ON
SAO art, credit goes to OmegaFlawz 104th Trainee Squad Top 10

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