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Jay Ricardo
Name Jay Ricardo
Aliases Big Daddy
Race Saiyan/human
Gender Male Male
Birthday August 17th
Age 21
Height 6'2
Weight 145lbs
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Occupation Selling his familys company
Personal Status
Relatives Father-(deceased)

Jailed Mother

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Jay is a twenty-one year old half sayain from West city. His family owned a company that rivarled capsule corp.


Jay comes from a wealthy family from the upper east side of West City. He was very spoiled until the night his father was murdered by his mother. Jay saw what happened and was theartned to keep quiet about it. when he turned 18 he turned his mother in and has since been using the money in the family's bank account to get by.


Jay is a fun loving person who tends to hide most of his emotions from people; only people he truly trusts have ever seen him smile.