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Cecelia White
Name Cecelia White
Kanji セシリアホワイト
Romanji Seshiriahowaito
Aliases Shimmering Guardian
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Birthday December 7th
Age 16
Height 5'4"
Weight 114.3 lbs.
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Notre-Dame de la Cathédrale de Etoiles.
Occupation Cathedral Guardian, Student.
Partner Lilith Black.
Personal Status
Relatives Parents (deceased)

Aunt (mentioned)

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Cecelia White (セシリアホワイト Seshiriahowaito) is the Guardian of the seventh church, Notre-Dame de la Cathédrale de Etoiles, which granted her the ability to conjure cosmic energy to use against opponents. Being born outside of Duchess, she originally had a lower magical capacity, but once becoming the seventh Guardian, she was granted a higher magical capacity becoming one of the top students in her school.


Cecelia Full

Cecelia's usual pink and white theme.

Cecelia is seen as attractive by many males she has encountered. Her eyes are a kaleidoscope of color, featuring shades of violet, blue and green, with slight flecks of yellow, and long platinum blonde hair styled in an odd fashion. Her hair is straight around her face, all framing her gentle features, her bangs ending just above her eyes and styled in a Cleopatra manner for her side-bangs, whereas she has semi-curls tied by her own hair in the back. She has a pale skin-tone, giving her an appearance somewhat like a porcelain doll.

Her outfits are usually composed of lighter colors, being composed of colors like light pink and white. All outfits she owns have one or both of these colors in it, her favorite piece of clothing being her white pleated skirt.

She usually maintains a serious look on her face, because of her level-headed and calm personality, and her calmness is maintained in the way she positions her slender, lean and athletic figure.


Cecelia is a very calm and intelligent young girl, but this is masked by her shyness and her quiet personality. When she has come out of her shell, she is not one to crack under pressure, but instead one to be level-headed through most situations. Because of this, she is able to be quick enough to think of a way to either escape or counter-attack. She is highly down to earth and tries to be the shoulder to lean on for all of her friends, wanting to bear their pain for them, though seeming to be slightly emotionless. Her compassion is what is said by many of her co-workers to be her most beautiful feature.




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